Medical Treatment in South America (Colombia, Brazil, Argentina, Chile')

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Accurate information about, and managed access to treatment options by outstanding physicians in centers of excellence in South America

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Foreign-Patient Hospital Care Experience

Important considerations when choosing a hospital overseas for a medical procedure:

Traveling 4 Health & Retirement (THR) advocates a high standard of patient satisfaction with treatment abroad.  Patient satisfaction consists of the following factors:

Clinical Experience: 

·         Was the patient provided a written care plan?

Cost Comparisons USA and International Destinations

Medical Tourism Sample Surgery Cost Chart

Patients are encouraged to seek written confirmation that clearly specifies terms and conditions to any published prices.  Quotes should include a care plan with all foreseeable facility charges and professional fees.  Patients should be mindful that, with few exceptions, medical treatment is a dynamically evolving process that may result in significant cost deviations.

Medical Tourism

Global Benefit Options is a consultant for the medical tourism industry and one of the leading experts in medical tourism. Our experience in US based group health insurance benefits and voluntary benefits gives us a unique perspective and an industry advantage.

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How to Plan A Successful Medical Tourism Trip

Note from author, Ilene Little, CEO of Traveling 4 Health & Retirement (THR): 

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Medical Malpractice Issues Affecting Medical Tourists

This is an excerpt from Atkins speaking about medical malpractice abroad.  Atkins is a Philadelphia lawyer who specializes in assisting companies and individuals on legal issues in foreign countries.  He often speaks on legal assistance for medical tourists at conferences.  He has good news and bad news to share.  

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6 Tips on How to Pick a Qualified Medical Tourism Company

1.  Do your homework! Research, Research, Research. Take nothing for granted. Talk with various facilitators to ascertain their subject matter expertise.

2.  Select a facilitator who has medical industry qualifications and experience.  Stay away from “medical travel agencies”.

3.  Ask for the qualifications of the facilitator.

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Top Colombia's Medical Travel Destinations

Congratulations!!! You are taking the first step towards your own medical care. If you are reading this, it means that you are considering a high quality -low cost medical procedure outside your country and you are looking for information on Latin American medical tourism destinations. This article will try to give you a quick look at four cities, scattered across Colombia, which make up some of the main destinations for medical travel in the country. 


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I saved $30,000 on dentistry by finding the right dentist clinic in Costa Rica

My U.S. dentist told me I was going to need everything capped, that I’d need root canals, and that it was going to run me between $40,000 and $50,000 - OR that I could have all of my teeth pulled and dentures put in for a little over $12,000. 

What it did cost me for a full mouth restoration was $11,500, and after all travel expenses, including airfare and accommodations for nine days, my total out of pocket was $13,120.  That's a $30,000 savings!

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Medical Survival Stories in Chile’

Medical Care You Can Expect as a Senior:

My partner Ivonne is from Chile’, a magical destination of spectacular beauty, pristine national parks, seven weather zones and hospitable people.

We were notified that Ivonne’s mother, Helga, a feisty 82 year young woman required immediate cardiac surgery.  I heard, with great concern, that her aortic valve required replacement.

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Anatomy of a Travel Medical Emergency in Cartagena Colombia

Until Mr. Smith (fictitious name) developed high fever and breathing difficulties, he and his wife were having a great time onboard a famous brand cruise ship.  Mr. and Mrs. Smith were looking forward to visiting Cartagena, Colombia, an exciting port-of-call whose main attraction is a wonderfully preserved, 500 year old, Colonial City.

The ship doctor diagnosed Mr. Smith with “suspected pneumonia” and since Mr. Smith’s also suffers from active cardiac disease and hypertension, the doctor decided to immediately transfer him to a hospital facility.

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