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Traveling for Dental Care.  Was it worth it?  Would you go again?  What do you need to know before going?

Sani Dental Group Complaint - Do Not Refer Patients to Sani Dental Group



Provider Information < table width=”70%”> Name: Sani Dental Group Email:   info [at] sanidentalgroup [dot] com Service location city: Los Algodones Country:

Manny Huerta Payán Stetic Implant & Dental Centers - Declined to negotiate in good faith to resolve patient complaint



Provider Information < table width=”70%”> Name: Manny Huerta Payán Stetic Implant & Dental Centers       Service location city:  Nuevo Progreso
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Check out this video  

We have received several great reviews on Tim Morales and his services — and you don't pay a cent more for his help than if you went directly to the dentist.  

We're happy to promote providers who have received positive reviews from their patients.

How to Plan A Successful Medical Tourism Trip

Note from author, Ilene Little, CEO of Traveling 4 Health & Retirement (THR): 

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US Dentist Inspects clinics in Costa Rica, Mexico, & Panama

Hi, I am Michael Hardenbrook, CEO and co-founder of Dental Destinations. I am commited to matching patients in the US with safe care abroad.

I love what I do! Making a living by helping people; can it get any better than that!

Complaint resolution tip -- how one member reached resolution with a foreign dental provider

Member Danielle Main, explains it in her "about me" section of her user profile.  And she offered to allow others to contact her.  

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Top Colombia's Medical Travel Destinations

Congratulations!!! You are taking the first step towards your own medical care. If you are reading this, it means that you are considering a high quality -low cost medical procedure outside your country and you are looking for information on Latin American medical tourism destinations. This article will try to give you a quick look at four cities, scattered across Colombia, which make up some of the main destinations for medical travel in the country. 


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My journal of my first trip to Mexico -- or anywhere -- as a dental tourist

I called my friend Ilene Little, CEO of Traveling4Health, and after talking to me about what I was looking for and what kind of experience I wanted, she recommended Los Algodones, Mexico and gave me some contact numbers.  I also contacted other friends. 

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A patient review on our dental services

Hey, Thanks, Cindi, for posting your article on your own user profile.  I'm going to post it here, too, as we really enjoyed helping you out and enjoyed you as a person. 

Read the patient review, "First Time Dental Tourist Saves $30,000… and she’s shouting about it!"

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How to tell a great dentist from a mediocre dentist . . .

Ilene Little, the CEO of Traveling4Health interviewed me for this article, and I've had the pleasure of meeting both Ilene and her husband Terry Little who have been my house guests in my home in Costa Rica.

Ilene and Terry were in Costa Rica for a medical tourism convention and they and close to 100 people from the states including heads of self-insured benefits companies, union leaders, etc. visited my dental lab and clinic. 

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I saved $30,000 on dentistry by finding the right dentist clinic in Costa Rica

My U.S. dentist told me I was going to need everything capped, that I’d need root canals, and that it was going to run me between $40,000 and $50,000 - OR that I could have all of my teeth pulled and dentures put in for a little over $12,000. 

What it did cost me for a full mouth restoration was $11,500, and after all travel expenses, including airfare and accommodations for nine days, my total out of pocket was $13,120.  That's a $30,000 savings!

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The President Opens Wide on Dental Care

I do have political views, of course, but this blog is about dentistry, dental tourism and Panama as a great place to go for dental work.

So when I read that President Obama opened up about dental care at a town hall meeting in Henderson, Nevada, I was really excited.

Will there be some breaking information that will bring relief to Boomers and the others who are being strapped by expensive dental work? Depends who you read.  The President’s supporters took the information and edited it to make him look good.

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Why you are paying through the mouth and what to do about it

The eyes of America have been focused for more than a year on healthcare reform. If you are a middle-class Baby Boomer (like I am), you probably have some form of healthcare coverage. That day you go to the dentist and get an estimate for work that can easily top $10,000 or more, you realize,” I have no dental coverage. That dental bill has to be paid, out of my own pocket and likely out of a lifetime of savings.” You were not anticipating that, and you are not alone.


Teeth Whitening

It is extremely helpful for me. Thank you for taking the time to discuss this blog Dental Tourism, I feel strongly about it and love learning more on this topic. If possible, as you gain expertise, would you mind updating your blog with more information?

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