THR Mediation Service©

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Traveling4Health & Retirement members benefit from THR’s Mediation Service©, a unique problem resolution process and a cornerstone of our Consumer Protection Tools. 

Fast – Simple – Affordable – and Amazingly Effective

Resolve complaints without the expense and stress of legal action, often within days.   A one-time fee of $150 applies. 

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mediation [at] traveling4health [dot] com (subject: request%20for%20mediation%20) (CLICK HERE) to Sign up for Mediation

THR’s Mediation Service is designed specifically with the “Do it Yourself” medical tourist who made the decision to book their own medical trips and met with a less than satisfactory outcome. 

Generally a patient will file a complaint about a provider for one of the following three reasons: 

1)      Price (aggressive billing).  For example, the provider and patient both agree that the patient received the treatment or procedure contracted for, but the bill ends up being 50% more than quoted or is reasonable for the treatment received.

2)      Good Value not Received.  The patient feels he did not get the medical treatment contracted for.  For example, the scope of the work contracted for was not completed. 

3)      Poor Quality Outcome.  The patient feels the quality of the work was poor.

How it Works – 3 steps to Successful Resolution

1)      Click Here to File a Complaint.  This is where we get the information necessary  to review your complaint. (Only THR members can post a complaint.  Click Here to create a free account.

2)      Request Mediation.  Either click on the link below or email:  mediation [at] traveling4heatlh [dot] com

3)      Allow us to guide you through a good-faith resolution process.

Get help!  mediation [at] traveling4health [dot] com (subject: Request%20for%20mediation) (CLICK HERE) to Sign up for Mediation

Where mediation is not successful in resolving a conflict, we refer our members to the THR Arbitration Service Provider, International Triage, LLC., a company with the tools and clinical expertise to audit medical records.  International Triage has a proven track-record of successfully negotiating award settlements in excess of $300,000 for individual, insurance company, hospital and government clients.

Cases referred for arbitration are negotiated on a per-case basis.   Arbitration service is free with THR Trip Case Management services provided by International Triage, LLC.


What is Mediation: 

Mediation is a voluntary dispute resolution process; all parties must consent to participate in good faith and work toward a mutually agreeable resolution. Mediating parties are not bound to resolve their dispute (although mediated settlements, once reached, can be made binding if the parties decide to draft a contract called a settlement agreement). Mediations are not "decided" in favor of one party or another; rather, the mediator simply facilitates the negotiation process. In evaluative mediation, the mediator will counsel parties on the strengths and weaknesses of their case and gauge each party's likelihood of success if the dispute proceeds to arbitration or litigation.

What is Arbitration: 

Arbitration, on the other hand, is a dispute resolution process in which a neutral party (the arbitrator) hears a dispute between one or more parties and, after considering all relevant information, renders a final decision in favor of one of the parties. Arbitration decisions may be either binding or non-binding, depending on the terms of the arbitration agreement. Binding arbitration decisions may be confirmed by a court and carry the same significance as a court judgment.

Mediation Process

Mediation involves phone calls and negotiations, the drafting and oversight of a settlement agreement based on written consent by both parties, and publication of the results after all terms have been met.  

The first step is to contact and get confirmation in writing from both parties that they are willing to participate in a mediation process to resolve the issue to the satisfaction of both parties.  The cost of the Traveling4Health & Retirement (THR) mediation service is a one-time fee $150 for both parties.

The Patient Experience

Once a THR mediation client, the patient is contacted by an experienced mediator to find out and confirm in writing:  

1)  What it will take to make the client happy and resolve the conflict. 

2)  What the client is willing to concede during the mediation period.  For example:  

a)   Discontinue any communication with the provider, referring all contact attempts to the THR mediator. 

b)  Post no further negative on the Internet, 

c)  On all websites where you have posted negative reviews or comments, post an update that the conflict has been referred to Traveling4Health & Retirement for mediation.

d)  Answer any inquiries that, pending mediation in good faith, you will not comment.

3)  What the client is willing to do for the provider if the client demands are met.  For example:  

a)  Remove negative posts from the Internet (which cannot be done entirely), and

b)  Post a positive review on the Traveling4Health site (and all sites where the client has posted negative comments) stating words to the effect that “There was a problem, but it was resolved to the patient’s satisfaction”.

Next, the provider is contacted by the mediator as a representative of Traveling4Health & Retirement (THR), an influential medical travel consumer reporting website.  

The mediator explains the patient’s demands and concessions, and determines whether or not the provider will participate in a good-faith mediation process to resolve the conflict to the benefit of both parties.  

The Provider Experience

The provider is offered the expertise and services of Traveling4Health & Retirement Mediation Service to oversee resolution of a problem if the provider will agree to:

1)  Negotiate in good faith to satisfy the demands of an aggrieved patient in return for specified concessions.

2)  Comply with the terms of a negotiated settlement agreement to be agreed upon by both parties under the auspices of THR.   

3)  Not to contact the aggrieved patient directly during the mediation process.

What to expect of the Mediation Process

Many times the mediation process is simple and straightforward once both parties feel confident that it can be resolved.  However, one can expect offers and counter-offers until parties can agree.

Once both parties agree to begin the mediation process, I edit any complaint review posted on THR's website to state "Mediation to resolve the issue is pending".

When agreement has been met, a settlement agreement is drafted by THR to be signed by both parties.  

Once the terms of the agreement have been complied with, and the issue resolved, I edit any patient complaint posted on the THR website to state "The THR member reported a problem that required mediation.  The problem was resolved to the satisfaction of both parties through the mediation services of Traveling4Health & Retirement."

Should only one party agree to mediate towards resolution, THR will edit the review to show “[name of patient or provider] refused to negotiate in good faith towards resolution”.  

The desired result of mediation  

The patient gets what they want, and becomes an advocate of a provider, rather than a dissatisfied client.

The provider earns trust with the public and, instead of bad press, gets good press which converts to more clients.

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Get Help!  mediation [at] traveling4health [dot] com (subject: Request%20for%20mediation) (CLICK HERE) to Sign up for Mediation