Traveling4Health Mediation Services

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Provider Information
Name: Traveling4Health Mediation Services Email:   ilene [at] traveling4health [dot] com
Service location city: seattle Country: usa
Date(s) of Service:  December 2012 for mediation service to resolve grievance with a dentist in Mexico
Approximate amount spent:  150
Service Received:  mediation services
Insurance Coverage :  I am on Medicare
I want to recommend :  Traveling4Health & Retirement Mediation Service
Service Classification :  Mediation Service
My experience :  Met my expectations, I was reluctant initially, but now I am a satisfied client and patient, The quality, professionalism and overall customer experience were very impressive, My service provider spoke fluent English (or my native language), My service provider was very professional,
Financially speaking:  Good value
Patient / Client Comments

Ilene was very nice to talk to and very professinal when dealing with such a  personal battle for me .

i would recommend for anyone to give her a call . she will do everything in her power to help settle matters for you . thank you Ilene

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