Living in Mexico since 2004 -- What Prompted our Move

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My husband, Miguel Roman and I are both professionals from Colorado in the business-recruiting industry.  In 2004, we acted on a spontaneous urge elicited by an AARP article I read regaling the advantages of living in the Lake Chapala area of Mexico.

The article jumped off the page at me and I immediately booked us flights to come down to explore the area.  We had always enjoyed Mexico, but we’d never explored any area of Mexico’s interior and had no idea what we would find. 

Read our story posted in the News and Research section: 

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Safety along LakeChapala, Mexico

The Lake Chapala area is much safer than any city in the USA. I came from the Denver / Boulder, Colorado area where there is random murders and rapes. I did not feel safe walking or biking alone on the many beautiful trails there. In the villages along Lake Chapala I feel comfortable walking alone. No matter where you live, it’s using common sense. Don’t leave valuables in your car. Lock your doors. Carry your ID’s and money on your person and not in your purse. Be alert to your surroundings. Occasionally a scam will be reported where one person distracts a victim while a second person attempts to steal. This type of scam happened to my sister in a clothing store in Boulder, CO by two store employees. They got away with $80.00USD of hers.

Recently a Chapala police officer was arrested for aiding four men, who worked the Milemo cartel ring. The four men were captured and arrested. This activity brought state police into the Lakeside area. Because of the thousands of foreigners living here and the thousands of Tapatios (people from Guadalajara), who come every weekend to enjoy the lake, parks, and many restaurants, the police force has put a high priority of keeping this area safe. Local businesses count on the Tapatios and foreigners for their lively hood. With the 2011 PanAm games coming, security will be very tight.

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