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Wedding at Sea in Panama 300x209 Getting Married at Sea in Panama

Wedding at Sea in Panama

Wedding Planning Panama – Medical Risks and Logistics

Creating once-in-a-lifetime memories takes a little imagination and some arranging.

It’s all about how the story will be told; the “we got married where and when” story painted forever bright and shiny through the telling.

That’s why people go to extremes to get married on TV, propose on a dive trip, or honeymoon in an exotic location where the backdrop will be the stage for a story retold in family circles.

However, planning and executing a successful wedding in a foreign country can be a challenge, especially if you’re not aware of the local regulations and marriage licensing requirements of your chosen wedding destination.

Steve Hooper, Captain of the 90ft sailing yacht Azuleta, has presided in multiple weddings at sea in various Caribbean countries.

Azuleta is a boat I would categorize as an “event” yacht, one large enough to accommodate fairly large gatherings of families and friends comfortably on an island-hopping cruise.

Said Hooper, “The captain can perform a marriage ceremony at sea, but there are different requirements depending upon the wedding destination country...

Capt Eddie Cybulkiewicz 300x225 For My Fishing Friends    You Call That a Fish?

Dorado caught by client of Capt Eddie Cybulkiewicz, GEM Charters.

Rainy Season Fishing

Living on an Island in Panama

It’s officially the rainy season in Panama!  And that makes for changes in fishing strategy.

“There is only the North Wind season, which is dry, “says Captain Miguel Botero, “compared to the South Wind season which brings the rain.”  The rainy or “green season” is May through mid-December.  Botero is a partner in GEM Fishing Charters.

Fishermen adjust to the wet season weather pattern by changing where and how they hunt for and catch fish.

Fishing in the Rainy Season

“The storms drive the water higher at high tide, and the downpours raise the water level of rivers,” he said, “so you see more organic material in the water, especially trees, but also you might see inorganic materials like an abandoned refrigerator or a piece of a car that gets washed off the shores and into the ocean.”

All this effluent collects in drift lines; basically seaweed and logs mixed with plastic bottles and trash.  But it’s not all bad from a fisherman’s perspective as drift lines attract fish.

In the ocean a drift-line, or thermocline, ...

Living in Panama – Retire in Panama

Scott home on Saboga Island 300x171 Location, Location, Location   Living in The Pearl Islands

Home in Master Planned Community on Saboga Island

Retiring on an Island

The Pearl Islands (Spanish: Archipiélago de las Perlas or Islas de las Perlas) are a group of 200 or more islands and islets (many tiny and uninhabited) lying about 30 miles (48 km) off the Pacific coast of Panama in the Gulf of Panama.

Each island in the Pearl Island Archipelago has developed its own identity.  What they all have in common is topography; mountain to beach vistas, ocean-front and ocean views, a drier climate than the Panama mainland, sandy beaches, wind, water and sea.  It is quiet – a back to nature tropical paradise.

Three islands, Pedro Gonzales, Saboga and Viveros are in development  with good master-planned designs, infrastructure and with varying degrees of environmental regulations and standards, according to Frank Jackson of Island Time Panama.  Jackson promotes the islands from an investment development real estate perspective.  “While I represent and promote individual islands like Saboga I also independently promote them as the single destination of Las Perlas Islands.” he said.

Panga to Ferry Contadora Panama 300x178 Sharpening The Edge of Life   Living on an Island in Panama

This is the way you get to shore from the ferries that service the Pearl Islands in the Bay of Panama. There are no docks. Looks like fun, doesn’t it?

Life on an Island in Panama

I guess you’d say I’m putting an old pattern of my life to the test of time to see if it still holds true.  “Go to where you think you want to live, and then put together the means to stay there.”

My philosophy is, “You don’t know what you don’t know until you get there – and even then until you’ve lived there – So why spread yourself thin by trying to cover all possible financial and emotional scenarios before you embark”?

I can imagine what the financial and retirement planners think about that philosophy.

Sound a bit like “Go West Young Man”?  It is.  But it’s different, if not easier, now.  Even in the farthest corners of civilization, you see cell phones and babies in disposable diapers.  So, we’re not talking National Geographic as it was in the 50’s.

That’s not to say it’s “easy” to pull up roots and go for the next road trip of life.  You can, and probably will, find yourself backed into a corner forced to survive...

Medical Tourism Report – Stem Cells – Panama Bioscience Institute

What follows is an inspired explanation about how stem cells work, as described by Shai Gold, Managing Director of International Triage, LLC and Executive Director of Panama Bioscience Institute in Panama.

International-Triage is known for its pioneering service model of international healthcare services and medical tourism.  The General Manager of International-Triage, Mr. Steven Shai Gold, is a former senior hospital executive in the USA and the co-author of “How to Plan a Successful Medical Tourism Trip”.  

I caught up with Shai at his office in Panama and he was gracious enough to allow me to record this video in an informal setting for those who will benefit from hearing how stem cells work expressed in layman’s terms.

The video captures his opinions, charisma and passion for Panama Bioscience Institute and for what stem cells can do for mankind.

Watch as Gold explains through comparisons, analogy and examples, how stem cells work.

Here are the main topics discussed in the video:

Q     You place a great deal of importance on where stem cells are harvested in a person’s body.  Why is that important?

A      Stem cells exist in various parts of the human body.  The difference is their potency, concentration and plasticity.

When you consider all those factors, you’re looking at how beneficial it will be to the patient in terms of how long the effect of the treatment will last and whether the stem cells...

aaa 300x168 Case Study   Campaign Results for Dr. Ignacio de la Vega, Tijuana, Mexico.

Successful marketing campaign for dentist in Mexico

This campaign is based on Traveling4Health’s “Share Your Story” app explained on www.medicaltourismstories.com.

Dr. de la Vega’s website takes full advantage of this powerful app.  Check out the “Share Your Story” and “New Smile Stories” menu tabs on his website DentalGroupTijuanaMexico.com.

Check out the testimonials page.  See how many reviews have come in this month – all as a result of using the app.

A look at the online search results of this marketing campaign

If you look at dr. De la Vega’s Google search results, he’s on the front page.  He’s number three of the top five.  That’s because of the Share Your Story app on medicaltourismstories.com.

The Effort Required

Besides registering for the app, here is what the good doctor has done to make this work so well:

He’s put a tablet in his office to facilitate asking people to “share their story” by typing in a short...

Dentist in Panama – Cosmetic Surgery in Panama – Medical Tourism in Panama

Michaelle Beauzile 207x300 Going to Panama For Cosmetic or Dental Surgery?

Michaelle Beauzile as featured on ABN-iPTV theNET-WORKS

Traveling4Health has an abundance of resources for you to consider, all recommended by our members.

If you’re considering traveling to Panama, I want to alert you to accommodations in proximity to medical resources in Panama City.

I’m recommending you consider staying at the Perle Noire Bed & Breakfast in Panama City.

This unique location allows guests to experience what it would be like to live in Panama City.

You can’t get that experience by staying at a hotel.

Perle Noire is also listed in the directory of the Panama Wellness Group (PWG).

I know the owners of PWG and Perle Noire personally as friends and business associates.

Michaelle Beauzile, is featured on ABN-iPTV theNET-WORKS, Entrepreneurs & Entertainment:

I wish I’d known about this place a few months ago when I assisted Traveling4Health members Martha Meyer plan her...

052414 Whale sighting Pearl Islands 300x169 Winter on an Island in Panama   whales and rain

Humpback Whales — first sighting this season

Rain – Bugs & Whales!

You got to love these tropical, Caribbean style rain storms; a deluge of rain in waves sometimes carried on the wind, or just pulsating in intensity – and then it’s over in a matter of minutes or a few hours.

I always liked that about the Caribbean.  If you were fast you could batten down in time, and the struggle was more like a reason to go full steam ahead moving things out of harms way or getting yourself situated someplace relatively safe to weather the onslaught.  But it never went on for days.  You always got to have your day back; just a slight vigorating delay—sometimes.

Of course in Panama with the rain, and especially after a storm, come the bugs, at least in Panama’s winter which is not really “wintery”, just rainy.

Thunderheads – not the black clouds I’m used to seeing in the Pacific Northwest, just low-hanging grey sheets warn you of the coming chance of rain.  It doesn’t always come, even with the thunder.

What does always come in the still following the storm is the flying insects.  Oh boy!

And the fight is on. ...

Terry and Cashew Tree Fruit 300x300 Living on a Remote IslandA day in the life . . .

I live in a cottage on the crest of a hill overlooking the ocean surrounded by Cashew trees and parrots – sound good?  The name of the island is Isla Saboga, part of the Pearl Island chain in the Gulf of Panama, about 34 miles offshore north of Panama City.

So what makes it remote?  That would be the fact that the only way to get here is by boat.  There is ferry service from Panama City, Panama once a day (when it’s running).  That means every supply you need,  you bring with you (or pay to have bought out on a barge).

“Remote” is a relative term, of course and means many things to people.

To me, today, it means doing my laundry by hand and hanging clothes out to dry on a makeshift clothesline.  When’s the last time you did that?

My sister Cindy will remember what we learned as kids visiting our Aunt Jean in Ballinger, Texas, before she had modern conveniences like indoor plumbing – tricks like how to do the laundry by hand and keep your white clothes looking brand new.

And it was that memory that prompted this blog.  Today I’m testing a memory from when I was 12.  Here’s Aunt Jean’s white socks recipe:

You wash your whitey tidies by hand and then set them out in the bright sunlight to soak immersed in water plus just a tablespoon of Clorox.   Voilà, a...

On The Water Series

Escape From The City 300x300 Escape From The City ... water therapy

Heading to the islands in Gulf of Panama (Bridge of The Americas in the background)

Where do people go on long weekends and holidays when they want to get away from the vibrant business and social life of Panama City?

Water sports lovers head off to their boats, beach houses or to resorts on both the Pacific and Caribbean coasts.

What does “getting away from it all” mean to people who love the ocean?

To the beach lover, it means standing at the edge of the water where the surf meets the sand, and where the water view is unobstructed by anything remotely connected to work.

To a sailor, it means the art of perfecting, through effort and skill, the ultimate rhythm of moving through water and wind in harmony with Mother Nature.

To a fisherman, it’s all about the hunt and the fight in the fish that creates pinpoint focus and life-long memories.

To the recreational boater it’s the freedom to drive across wide open spaces to explore whatever activities the day presents on outings to favorite destinations.

To some, boating is a party platform free from the restraints of land and a memorable way to sustain personal and business connections.