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Medical travel, often described as Medical Tourism, refers to traveling to other parts of the country or abroad to receive medical treatments or procedures.  Choosing a destination and providers depends upon many factors.  Read more…

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Want to Retire Abroad 200x300 Want to Retire Abroad? Start Planning for These 3 Things Now

There’s no way to figure out the exact number of American retirees abroad, but we do have some clue. The Social Security Administration (SSA) estimates about 350,000 retirees received their benefits abroad in 2012, and according to Travel Market Report, more than 3.3 million Americans plan to retire somewhere outside the United States when their time comes. You can live comfortably—sometimes even luxuriously—abroad, but you have to plan ahead. Take these three things into consideration as you make your plans:

Medical Insurance

Though the SSA will continue to pay benefits regardless of address, expat retirees cannot take Medicare with them. Contact the embassy for your new country for a general idea of how health care will work for you and your family. A good number of countries have socialized medicine and/or lower health care costs, while others combine government coverage and private insurance in some way.

Dan Prescher and his wife Suzan told U.S. News & World Report they pay $2,200 per year for a policy that covers both of them in Mexico. They use it for emergencies and pay for office visits out of pocket. Mexico also allows expats with permanent resident visas to participate in its government...

Depositphotos 32104283 xs 300x200 Turn Your Knowledge Into Passive Income During RetirementYou’ve spent your whole life working and now it’s time to retire. That doesn’t mean you need to retire all that you’ve learned. People love to learn from others with experience.

Turn your hard-earned knowledge and skills into fun and profitable ways to fund all of those things you’ve dreamed of doing in retirement  – that’s what I did.  

It wasn’t (and isn’t) easy, but more often than not it was fun, and I was never bored.

Here are some passive income tips:

Sharing Your Knowledge in eBooks

Electronic book (eBook) publishing online has become a popular way to share what you know with other people. People can learn about sales and marketing, small engine repair, plumbing, and an endless list of other topics by reading eBooks written by experts in those fields.

The advantage of eBooks over traditional print publishing is that you can do it yourself without the need for a publisher. Services such as Create Space and Lulu.com offer easy ways to publish your own eBook. These books can be of any length, but people...

Boomers Flock to France For Adventure and Healthcare 300x300 Stay Safe During your TravelsWhen traveling, whether locally or abroad, there’s a tendency to become easily distracted by all of the sights, sounds and experiences of the unfamiliar surroundings.

However, while it is important to take time out to enjoy the scenery, personal safety should be the primary focus when visiting new areas.

After all, you’re not going to be in a location where you’re familiar with the protocol related to medical emergencies, and, if you’re unprepared, you will be at a loss for what to do should an emergency strike.

Of course, the best plan is to keep an emergency from happening in the first place. Preventive measures are your best defense against injury while traveling. If you plan on taking a trip, follow these tips to ensure that you have the time of your life, while making sure that you protect it, too.

Alerts and Warnings

Travel advisories aren’t just for people who are traveling to war torn countries. Harsh inclement weather can play a big role in travel, too. Make sure that you’re aware of, and prepared for, the weather and social circumstances of your destination location...

baby boomer on beach photo credit sievietespasaule dot lv Gearing Up For RetirementStep #1: Figure Out Money – Studies show that the average person retires with about $250,000 less than what they need to survive. Therefore, it’s important to make sure that you’ve hit the proper mark. Thinking about any structured settlements, retirement accounts, pensions, etc… it’s important to break down your monthly income and start budgeting what you have available. Because the retired life is also a life of fixed income, it’s imperative to start budgeting from day one, as in many cases, one week over expenses could mean several months of catching up.

Step #2: Figure Out Where You Want To Live – Most of us spend most of our working lives in one area. Although we’d like to go to other places, we don’t have much of an option because where we are is where our work is. However, when you retire, you’re no longer going to have those limitations. You’ll have the ability move anywhere you’d like because you’ll no longer be tied to a work address.

Aside from obvious factors in other areas such as cost of living, medical treatment, etc…. there are more pressing...

Plastic Surgery Panama 300x208 I looked 70, Now I look 50 – Plastic Surgery in Panama

Click on Image to view video

I looked 70, Now I look 50 – Plastic surgery in Panama

Deborah Book, from Colombia, South Carolina, chose Panama for plastic surgery.   Book is featured on a video where she talks about her decision-making process, the scope of work, the outcome and the cost.

“I turn 56 next month, said Book, “but before surgery I looked 70.  I would not talk to my granddaughters on Skype because I could see myself.  You know, that’s just wrong”.

Now I feel amazing,” she said, “and her happiness is evident in the video interview. “I got a lot more work done in Panama for a lot less money; less than half what I would have paid in the States,” said Book.

She researched her options for two years before deciding on Dr. Picard-Ami Jr. a well-known plastic surgeon in Panama City, Panama.

“I did a lot of research,” said Book, “This is my face, and not like setting a bone or getting dental work done.”

She returned from her surgery in Panama in July of 2013 and at the time of this interview, she was happy to share with the viewers her experience.

The Scope of Work Done

“He had to do a lot of work, said Book, “Being from the South, a red head, and a sun-worshiper, I had aged really quickly.  It...

Screen Shot 2014 01 21 at 7.23.35 PM 300x154 Entertainer Shows Off New Smile as First Time Dental Tourist

Click on the picture to view the interview recorded live

The high price quoted was the stimulus she needed to seek affordable dental care  in Mexico for all her dental needs.

“I have a medical condition,” said Lewis, “ I have no parathyroid gland, and they produce calcium.   I have to take calcium over the counter and a pill to help absorb the calcium.”

My teeth were starting to crumble, so I had to do something to save my teeth while I could,” said Lewis, “Going to Mexico worked perfect for me.”

Decision-Making Process

“I had been checking with my dentist here for a few years about all the other dental work I needed to have done, but I kept putting it off,” said Lewis, “I thought ‘oh, I just can’t afford to do it’ but I knew I was going to have to do it soon as I was already getting cracks in my front teeth.”

She compared the price and the treatment plan recommended by her hometown dentist to the price of the same treatment plan in Mexico at Circle Dental Group in Los Algodones...

Retire Abroad Traveling4Health Retire Abroad: How to Pick the Perfect Country for RetirementWhile most retirees think about buying a condo in Florida, moving abroad can actually be an advantageous endeavor.

Lifestyles overseas can be more satisfying, cultural experiences richer and overall costs more affordable.

However, there are a number of factors that go into selecting the right country for retirement, such as access to adequate healthcare, ease of traveling to the United States, cost of living and climate.

First, the most important part of choosing a place to retire abroad is to take control of your finances. Then take a look at a few retirement spots suggested below that might not be on your radar but are worth considering.

Covering Costs of Living

Among the aspects of retirement in another country, you need to think about how to cover living costs. Make sure to have your social security funds directly deposited into your American bank account. You can then pull money out of a local ATM with a small fee or transfer your funds to a bank in your new country. If you choose the latter, the key is locking down your ID online so that hackers cannot access your personal information. Second, continue padding your savings account by taking an enjoyable part-time gig such as working as a travel writer, importer/exporter or tour...

An Executive View – An interview with Shai Gold, CEO of International-Triage

PART 3 of 3.

self funded health insurers adjust 300x218 HOW Self Insured Companies Will REDEFINE Medical TourismMy host in Panama, Mr. Shai Gold, CEO of International-Triage, is a respected authority on international medical services and related strategic planning and marketing.

While working as VP of International Medical Services at Jackson Memorial Hospital in Miami, he led the provider-direct contracting revolution in the international medical service sector.  His efforts turned Jackson Memorial Hospital into a $100 million dollar powerhouse player and major medical hub for health and travel insurance companies from the Caribbean and Central America.

Now, as CEO of International-Triage, Shai is leading the way to position Panama as an international medical hub that offers “a generic substitute to medical services in the USA”

T4H:    How do you create a new medical hub?

SG:       A medical hub incorporate financial value, medical legitimacy and direct air connections.

T4H:    What is a “medical destination revolution” and how does it take place?

SG:       A medical destination revolution takes place by identifying and exploiting market needs, trends and niches and then moving to...

It is all about the economic incentive, stupid….Embedded Reporting from Panama

Self Funded Insurers 300x200 Self Insured Companies   The NEW GROWTH FACTOR of Medical TourismPART 2 of 3.

Self-insured US companies are having an epiphany!  More and more they are discovering that by offering the right set of financial incentives to their employees, even unionized “John and Jane Doe” will gladly embrace personalized medical treatment abroad, over high co-payments and the notoriously cold “risk adverse/ defensive practice” doctors in the USA.  Treatment abroad emerges NOT only as a strategy to reduce expenses, but also as an employment perk.

As part of my embedded assignment in Panama, I audited a Quality & Risk Management seminar that was co-managed by International-Triage and a major international cruise line (“the client”) that has collaborated with International-Triage to establish and manage a regional medical hub for some 30,000 crew of its Caribbean Fleet.

The client contracts International-Triage as a single point-of-access / gateway for treatment of its employees by a credentialed network of medical service providers.  The client selected International-Triage based on the “Secret Formula” story...

Guest post by Adam Prattler MI

smile Traveling4Health How to Decide if Cosmetic Dentistry is Right for YouAre you less than happy with your smile? The condition of your teeth has a lot to do with your self-esteem. And a low self-esteem can lead to depression, eating disorders, and other problems. This is why a lot of people get their teeth fixed. We’re going to share with you information about how to decide is cosmetic dentistry is right for you or not. When you reach the end of the article, you should have your answer.

Reasons for Cosmetic Dentistry

While we explained a little about the problems with low self-esteem that can be caused by bad teeth, here are some specific reasons that some people decide to go for cosmetic dentistry.

  • Health Issues – One of the reasons a lot of people decide to have their teeth fixed goes beyond just having a nice smile. It deals with actual health problems that can occur when teeth aren’t taken care of properly. Cosmetic dentistry doesn’t always affect the health, but in some cases it’s definitely a factor.

  • Relationships – While love should go beyond looks, this isn’t always the case in the real world. If your partner isn’t attracted to you, it’s going to be harder for them to fall in love...